Chief Scesney Swearing in Ceremony

Mayor Ron Jensen Administering the Oath
Mayor Ron Jensen Administering the Oath
Former Chief Dye standing with newly sworn in Chief Daniel Scesney

Today is a good day in the City of Grand Prairie. There were many in attendance today for the ceremony including Chief Scesney’s family including both his young daughter Avery, strapping young son Will, his mother in law, mother of his late wife Stephany that he referred to as “Mom, the CEO of the family”, his oldest friend from the 5th grade Ryan Miller who had talked him into joining the Marines, and his brother James.

In the crowd were many officers from Grand Prairie and other cities around us, City Manager Tom Hart after having a scare last week with a heart attack was present. Several council members including Greg Giessner, Jorga Clemmons, John Lopez, Cole Humphreys, Jeff Copeland and of course Mayor Jensen who would administer the oath to Daniel. Also Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot, Former Mayor of Grand Prairie Charles England.

Mayor Jensen administered the oath after which former Chief Dye came up and removed Chief Scesney’s badge and added the 3 stars pin to his collar. After shaking his hand and hugging Chief Dye Chief Scesney brought his children on stage. They huddled in a circle for a moment, then the kids pinned the new chiefs badge on him.

He spoke for a few moments thanking everyone for the opportunity. He stated his “family started on the first row and went all the way to the back of the room and out the doors.” He said he would make sure that he would do his best and try not to let you down.

Welcome Chief Scesney and good luck.


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