Generous Neighbor in Grand Prairie


This story came to us from a woman who shared her story in an online social media site called Nextdoor. We can all stand to hear a good story from time to time so here goes.

By: Diana Reyna
So, I went to pick up my granddaughter from school and SHE decided we would have ice cream after dinner. In line at Tom Thumb I found out my wallet wasn’t in my purse, I had left it at home. — side story—— I was arguing with the airlines about a future trip that I was charged extra for and I was really angry. Anyway, I told my granddaughter I had no money. I forgot my wallet and she started to CRY (she’s 5). A very nice lady offered to pay for my Chicken, Ice cream, and Whipped cream. What an ANGEL!!! I did have my checkbook but no ID (so I couldn’t write a check for the food to Tom Thumb but I told her I would give her a check – SHE REFUSED to Take it! There are still good people on Earth!!! All the bad news we hear all day every day, but the reality is there are still GOOD PEOPLE!!! The anger I was still dealing with over the phone call with the airline seemed so minor and I was overwhelmed by her kindness!! I thanked her and my Granddaughter thanked her a hundred times!!! I’m posting not only to thank her again but so my neighbors know we have Awesome People living around us!!! Thank You, Nice Stranger!!!