Grand Prairie elementary teacher turns to community for help with raising money for surgery

Amber Mendoza

Teachers across the country are struggling during this pandemic. Things have just gotten harder for a Grand Prairie elementary school teacher.

Grand Prairie elementary teacher Amber Mendoza has turned to GoFundMe in hopes of raising money for a surgery she needs but simply does not have the funds for

She shared the following on social media.

“As a lifetime member of the community here in Grand Prairie, I thought I’d reach out to my community for help.

For the last 20 years, I have had normal well-woman checkups. I have always gone each year without fail. I was supposed to go in June 2021 but due to Covid, I went 6 months later. It came back abnormal. I went back for a biopsy. It showed a significant amount of severely abnormal cells. If it is not removed then it will become cancerous. My two options are a LEEP procedure which means the abnormal cells are carved out and then I go every 6 months to make sure everything is good. There is a chance of reoccurrence. I would have to frequently follow up to check for reoccurrence which means I would be in this same situation all over again. The next option is to remove the uterus. There is a 0% chance of reoccurrence. Considering I am 38 and I am done having children I’m opting to remove my uterus.

I will be off of work for 4 weeks. Unfortunately, I do not have short term disability. I only have 2 weeks of paid leave to use. This means the other two weeks will be unpaid.
I would GREATLY appreciate any help I can possibly get. My out-of-pocket expense is about $4000. Then I’ll still have two weeks of unpaid.”

Thank you,

Here is the link to her GoFundMe.