Grand Prairie Native Opens New Restaurant “Wishbone & Flynt” In Fort Worth


We’re particularly proud of our local food scene here in Grand Prairie, and we’re always interested to watch the success stories of local people as they venture out on their own food journeys.

That’s just what’s happened here! Grand Prairie resident Kyle Bryson and his team recently opened the restaurant Wishbone and Flynt in Fort Worth. As soon as we heard about this, we knew we wanted to go and check it out. Recently, I had the opportunity to stop in for lunch, and the food was amazing! I’d recommend you check it out if you’re in the area.

Walking in, the style of the place hits you immediately: it feels really modern and trendy, with an eye-catching chalkboard-wall which really captivates you as you arrive at your table.

The food is superb and would make a trip here worth it even if you were driving from Dallas. Kyle Bryson and Wallace Owens, owners of the Trident Restaurant Group, formed a strong partnership with chef Stefon Rishel. As a result, Rishel brings his unique palette and impressive culinary experience to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. One thing that really comes through in the food that’s served here is the chef’s love of what they do. They feel strongly about food and family, and that truly reflects in the food they serve.

I ordered an appetizer and a main and I wasn’t disappointed.

My appetizer was the peanut butter wings, which were so deliciously rich and creamy, while also having that characteristic savory flavor present in all chicken wings. When I first looked at the menu, I thought that peanut butter and chicken wings didn’t sound like a great pairing, but I’ve got to say that upon trying them I was very pleasantly surprised. If you’re unsure of what appetizer to go for, this would be a great choice.

My main was a burger that was absolutely out of this world. I had the Flynt burger, which is a special blend put together by Chef Stefon. It’s seared in duck fat, PLTO, and sharp white cheddar. The thing I love about a good burger is that you can get all of the ingredients and flavors in one bite. That’s what I got here: the mysterious, delicious flavor of Chef Stefon’s blend mixes with the rich duck fat, and the sharp white cheddar cuts through everything else and ties the whole meal together. Definitely give this a try if you’re eating there.

Kyle and Wallace actually just opened a new restaurant, on top of running Wishbone and Flynt! Their new restaurant is called Berry Street Ice House and offers a huge range of classic bar food in a really trendy setting. Next time I’ve got an afternoon to spare, I’m definitely going to make the drive down to Fort Worth to take a look.

Wishbone & Flynt is absolutely amazing, from style to food, and I encourage anyone to check it out next time they’re nearby. I’m happy to say that I’m really proud of Kyle, and all of his team at the Trident group for these amazing new eateries, and I wish them all the success in the world!