Grand Prairie Student’s Artwork Selected as Finalist in Google’s Doodle for Google Contest

Haley Ma, Doodle for Google State of Texas Winner 2023

Date: May 20, 2023

Grand Prairie, Texas – In a nationwide search for young talent, Google recently announced the state and territory winners for its highly anticipated 15th annual Doodle for Google contest. Among the tens of thousands of submissions received, a talented student from Grand Prairie, Haley Ma, has emerged as one of the 55 winners. The contest invited K-12 students to express what they are grateful for through their artistic creations.

Google was astounded by the exceptional talent and creativity displayed by students across the United States. The submissions showcased a diverse range of themes, with students expressing gratitude for various aspects of life. From the wonders of nature to the joy of reading books, students embraced the opportunity to convey their appreciation through their artwork. Particularly inspiring was the resilience and strength demonstrated by these young artists in the face of the challenges of recent years.

Haley Ma, a gifted artist from Grand Prairie, stood out among her peers with her captivating artwork and heartfelt response to the prompt. Her creation eloquently captures the significance of homemade dishes and the cherished moments spent with family in the kitchen. Haley’s gratitude for her cultural heritage and the bond shared while cooking resonated deeply with the judges.

Haley Ma Doodle for Google 2023 State Winner

To honor the achievements of the 55 winners, Google sent each student special Google hardware and swag. Furthermore, celebrations were held in their respective hometowns to showcase their extraordinary artwork.

Haley’s artwork, titled “Homemade Happiness” depicts her love for Lao lotus flower cookies—a homemade dish that symbolizes her cultural heritage. When asked about her creation, Haley expressed, “I am grateful for homemade dishes that remind me to cherish my culture and time spent with my family cooking such meals. One of my favorite dishes is Lao lotus flower cookies, and whenever I’m away from home, I’m sure I’ll remember the hectic but heartwarming process of baking them.”

Google has updated its official website,, with a full gallery featuring the artwork of all 55 state and territory winners. Texans now have the opportunity to make a difference by casting their votes for their favorite doodles. By voting for Haley Ma’s artwork, anyone with an internet connection can help her become one of Google’s five national finalists. From these finalists, one will ultimately be crowned the national winner.

The competition is fierce, with talented young artists from across the nation vying for the top spot. However, by rallying together and supporting a local talent like Haley Ma, the residents of Grand Prairie can make a lasting impact. Encouraging friends, family, and community members to vote for Haley will not only bolster her chances but also bring recognition to the vibrant artistic talent within the city.

To cast your vote for Haley Ma’s artwork and support Grand Prairie’s representation in Google’s Doodle for Google contest, visit and select her captivating creation, “Homemade Happiness.” in the Grade 10-12 category. Let’s show the world the artistic prowess and united spirit of Grand Prairie by making Haley Ma one of Google’s national finalists and securing a win for Texas!