Rollover Accident at 161 and Tarrant Rd Was The Result of an Alleged DWI

Photo Credit: Matthew Perez

Grand Prairie News has now learned through that the accident that we reported on earlier that took place at 161 and Tarrant Rd was the result of an alleged DWI.

A vehicle was traveling northbound on the President George Bush Turnpike. As the driver was passing the Tarrant road exit the driver realized that they had missed their exit and swerved to avoid missing the exit but missed it and went up the grassy embankment that’s between the turnpike and the service road and the driver lost control and flew off the embankment and flipped in midair and onto the turnpike the car slid on its lid for 10-15 Ft and came to rest upside down. Luckily, the driver was treated by Grand Prairie Fire with only minor injuries. Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers arrived an took over the scene. After talking with the driver they decided to do a standard field sobriety test and the driver was taken into custody for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

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