First Place in District, Off to State

Photo from Dubiski Website

Engineering Students at Dubiski Career High School

Written by: Melissa Alfaro-Zeledon, Roy Aziz, and Riyyah Ulebe

Our team (Melissa Alfaro-Zeledon, Roy Aziz, and Riyyah Ulebe) is developing a device to help people suffering from general tremors, and more specifically, people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Our goal with this device is to provide those afflicted with tremors and Parkinson’s an alternative to their usual methods of drinking to provide a safer, more effective, and more affordable way for their liquid intake.

Our device is called the ‘SteadyGrip cup‘ and utilizes a modified gimbal system to negate the tremors experienced by counteracting the movements and allowing the device to move in the opposite direction, thus stabilizing the cup and liquids contained. The ‘SteadyGrip cup’ itself serves as a cup holder as opposed to the actual cup itself. This allows the user to utilize multiple-sized cups for various liquids, as well as allows the user to easily clean without risking damage to the device.

Our logo

The ‘SteadyGrip Cup’ was designed through the use of a 3D Computer-Aided Design program called SolidWorks, and our first prototype was assembled by 3D printing our pieces and then implementing our various electrical components within.

Our first iteration of the “SteadyGrip Cup” that we are currently making a second iteration.

One of our components was an Arduino Nano. This Arduino allowed us to code the sensors and motors within the device through the connection of wiring and a breadboard as well as through the use of Arduino IDE, an Arduino programming system and language sending the coding script to the rest of the SteadyGrip Cup. This program allowed us to code the stabilization to allow the user to have fewer difficulties while drinking and moving the cup around or to their mouth.

As mentioned previously, we have also been in contact with multiple communities around our area such as The Summit Recreation Center and the Dallas Area Parkinson’s Society (DAPS) working for the same cause as us, that being to fight back against this leading neurodivergent disease and help increase the overall quality of life of those affected with Parkinson’s Disease. We are currently working on developing this product even further and would love to make a genuine impact in the future!

Our display at the Summit, speaking to community members.


Melissa Alfaro-Zeledon, Roy Aziz, and Riyyah Ulebe speaking to the Dallas Area Parkinson’s Society.

We recently competed at the SkillsUSA District 6 Leadership and Skills Conference in the competition “Career Pathway Showcase – STEM” where we had to create an engineering project that helps our community and has community outreach. We took 1st Place at the district level in our competition and will be competing at the State level at the SkillsUSA Texas State Leadership and Skills Conference for the chance to represent SkillsUSA Texas in our competition at the national level.

Go to the website, especially if you know someone that is dealing with these issues for a short survey.