Aztec Milk Temple

5 31 2024 Aztec Milk Temple at Doublewide Dallas
Photos by Erin Parisi

Written by: Christie Bilbo

Have you ever just accidentally met someone while you were out and had a conversation with that person, and you thought, “damn, this was an interesting conversation I just had.” That is what happened to me when I was at the Foo Fighters concert. I’m the person who can go into a room and will strike up a conversation with anyone. So, when this tall, skinny, wavy-haired, man wearing black-rimmed glasses, dressed in all-black clothing, strolled down the aisle and sat next to me, I knew this would be the potential for a great conversation. Not only did he exude a presence of coolness, but the woman with him was strikingly beautiful.

After a quick introduction, I learned that he, too, writes music reviews and promotes Deep Ellum on YouTube and Instagram. However, what got my attention was that he was the frontman for a band with the oddest name, Aztec Milk Temple. And that woman that’s with him, well, that’s his mom. She’s his biggest fan and supporter.

So, let me introduce this crazy-named band, Aztec Milk Temple:

Scott Tucker, the aforementioned fella, is the band’s lead singer. Former lead singer of the band Orange, Scott brings his lifelong love of music to the group. He not only lends his wailing vocal cords to the songs but is also a guitarist. Speaking with Scott, I learned that after his band Orange broke up due to personality conflicts in the band, he wanted to create a new band that had a stronger friendship and understanding that they were in it for the music, not their egos.

 5 31 2024 Aztec Milk Temple at Doublewide Dallas
Photos by Erin Parisi

With his friend Braxton Fugate, who backs the band up on drums, the two started formulating how to pull this together. They recruited fellow members Vince Martin to play bass and Matt Miller to play lead guitar. With the foursome brainstorming on the music, they created a record named On Television, just as weird as the band name.

Now, don’t think that the guys haven’t had their issues. They had signed with the record label Idol Records, which is based in Dallas (remember Flickerstick). They were fortunate to pick up the producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith, who produced music by Slayer and the Toadies, as well as a ton of other amazing bands. Then COVID hit when things looked great for Aztec Milk Temple and put the world on hold. Not only was this a huge issue for a new band trying to create an album, but then the death of Scott and Braxton’s fathers happened as well. During all this time, the guys had to look at who they were as not only men but as a group. As with everyone during the COVID ordeal, we all had time to do a little soul-searching and went through changes. Fortunately, the guys were able to work through the hardships that were thrown at them and forge an album that, in my opinion, is great.

 5 31 2024 Aztec Milk Temple at Doublewide Dallas
Photos by Erin Parisi

When you have four individuals in a band who are as creative as Aztec Milk Temple, you also have four personalities, four individual lives and families, and four temperaments. Scott and Matt are based in Dallas, allowing them to work together to create music. However, Vince lives in California, and Braxton lives in New York. So, collaborating was going to be a hurdle. One way they overcame the issue of living across the country was through video chats and sending recordings to each other.

By the time the guys all met in Dallas to practice before heading to Austin for their recording session, they had their music so in tune that they could get everything laid out in just a couple of takes.

The other thing about this band is that they have learned the value of communication. The guys know that if this is going to be a successful venture, they must all have input, and everyone must listen to each other. We hear horror stories about how bands get signed, see the light, and know they have the potential to be great but then self-implode due to their inability to work together. This isn’t the case with Aztec Milk Temple. Sometimes, stopping and just realizing that if you want to do something great, you need to swallow your ego and work together. And this is exactly what the guys have done. They are friends and have learned the valuable lesson of discussing your problems.

5 31 2024 Aztec Milk Temple at Doublewide Dallas
Photos by Erin Parisi

One thing I find amazing about these men is what they do for their “real” jobs, which allows them to play music. Scott works at Dallas Vintage Toys, restoring antique toys, and is a full-time graduate student at UTD. Braxton is a session drummer in NY. Vince is a spiritual healer and yogi. Matt is focusing on his career in music.

On their record release day of May 31, 2024, at the Double Wide in Deep Ellum, I was blown away by the love and support of their friends, family, and fans. I was fortunate to be invited to the release party, and it was an experience. Having never been to the Double Wide, I didn’t know what I was walking into. Once I was there, I quickly learned that these guys were going to be something great.

 5 31 2024 Aztec Milk Temple at Doublewide Dallas
Photo courtesy of Christie Bilbo

The Double Wide venue was packed. People were milling around, celebrating, and toasting the band. The music was loud, and the vibe was just as electric. Everyone was riding the high of what was about to be heard when the band hit the stage and played at a sold-out event.

The Aztec Milk Temple is a compounded mixture of various sounds. Depending on the song, I can hear influences from certain bands. Granted they tossed in the genre of neo-grunge; I think they are a little more than that. I hear a little Artic Monkeys, Beatles (Sgt. Pepper style), Queens of the Stone Age, Butthole Surfers, and Ramones. However, the more I listen to them, the more I hear the influence of other bands in their music.

5 31 2024 Aztec Milk Temple at Doublewide Dallas
Photos by Erin Parisi

I think this band is destined to become something big from the Deep Ellum area. They guys have a tight sound, and the music is great. Do I think they will generate another album that is better than On Television? Yes! With the production team they have, the way the guys work together, and their love of music, they are only destined for one thing: great tuneage, and that is what we all want from Aztec Milk Temple.

Give them a listen:

Some Place

Jordyn’s Song

Still Time

Live at DoubleWide  (H.E.R.O. Creative Arts & Science Academy)




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