Epic Eclipse

04 08 2024 Epic Eclipse Grand Prairie Texas Will Crews

Epic was surely one of the places in the DFW to be Monday around noon.  The low clouds were floating in and out separating and then passing by causing concern that we might not be able to see the Eclipse.  However, at the last minute, they opened up for a clear view, and what a view it was.

The Mayor Ron Jensen and City Councilwoman Jorja Clemson were there with their glasses in hand.  The band “Bandelero” played Pink Floyd’s  “Darkside of the Moon” as the eclipse was almost total darkness. And of course, they played the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” as it started reappearing from behind the moon.

There were a lot of folks all over the grounds of Epic Central. All of the outside chairs and benches around the restaurants close to the stage were filled with eager eclipse watchers old and young.  It was quite a spectacle with a great eruption of cheers as total darkness fell upon us in the middle of the afternoon.  It was a breathtaking site.  There are just no words to speak, of just how exciting and almost an awe of unbelief as it happened.

There were a couple of folks that said prior to the event that there was too much being made about all of the whoopla over the eclipse and on the build up leading to it.  I say, if you saw it you would never say that again.  Now there are those that worked and stayed home and didn’t get out except a stroll out into the front yard or to the parking lot if you were at work to grab a glimpse of the solar eclipse. Other than a few normal accidents around the county as I drove around, I didn’t see anything that was out of the ordinary…. except for the total darkness that lasted over 4 minutes and was amazing.

Every eye was in the sky leading up to it and during it. Of course they were all wearing the protective glasses. I’m still in a little shock and amazement at just how spectacular the sight of the sun being covered and just the aurora of the sun slipping around the edges of the moon was absolutely breathtaking.

Better buy a filter for your camera and figure out where in the world the next one will happen and buy your place tickets today.  It will money well spent. For the older crowd that grew up watching Star Trek I heard an interview on the radio of “Capitan Kirk” (William Shattner)  whom exclaimed, “It was magical just magical”. Well in 2024 it will be making another presentation over the continental US but it will be up in the northwest cutting thru Montana is what they are saying. Make your reservations for it now.