The Black Crowes “Happiness Bastard Tour ’24”


Written by Donna Lothridge

Photos by Joe Guzman

The Black Crowes Happiness Bastard Tour ’24 at The Pavilion Toyota Music Factory on Saturday night April 6th, 2024.

The Black Crowes Happiness Bastard Tour ’24 was my second Black Crowes show and the best place to see a concert Is The Pavilion Toyota Music Factory in Irving.  The first time they came close to Texas was in Oklahoma. While I am not going to review that night, I have something to compare it to. The first tour was great. They had a trendy set that resembled a bar on rolling set carts.

This set was over the top gorgeous. It was clearly something special. Throughout the night it was lit well, making it grand and alluring. The set was larger than life draped with heavy velvet rich fabric. I felt like a kid who was seeing the Circus for the first time. Garden lights were draped about the stage. A mountain of old Amps covered the stage to hide the Drum and Band risers.

The crowd was enthused, and shouts of excitement happened as the lights went black. Then the music started playing, “A long way to the Top if you want to Rock and Roll” I thought what? wrong band ! ugh. My confusion stopped after the band started coming on stage. Chris and Russell came out, and we soon forgot the confusion.

Russell reaches for his guitar in his deep blue silk and black velvet Jacket. Chris never disappoints when it comes to style. A modern look, black leather pants and matching jacket, white shirt underneath. At a later point in the show, he shows off the white shirt as he makes a point of saying that it is hot in Texas no matter the month they play. Everyone laughs and he says California is cooler. Chis has never walked on to a stage in his life. Strutting and interacting, he has excellent stage presents.

The first song was “Bedside Manners”. Chris did a short intro and he spoke about the new music. It is a refreshing breath to hear the band is still writing and recording music.
The first thing I noticed about Russell was his rolling guitar hotel off stage. It was a touring large double racked road box lit and limned with rows of guitars. No wonder the crowd was talking about his guitar tech bringing him a new guitar for every song. Russell is an amazing guitarist, what goes great with that? Hiring a guitar player who is equally talented. Bring an accomplished rhythm section bassist and drummer. Add a Piano and two soul singers. Chris reigns as the showman and center of the band. He has grown in his presentation over the years. In the past his dance has been described as just the pure joy of dance. Now I see a lot of polish. And now he has added a mirror to his act. As Chris jokes, ”a Sagittarius singer needs a mirror.” We all laughed at that. The mirror was something that I enjoyed looking in the reverse and it worked great in the photos. Two things I need to add, Nico Bereciatua and impressive player. This artist was “hand selected” by Rich Robinson. His slide work is phenomenal. He will leave a rich legacy for the Rock world.

Lastly the best part of the night for me was when Chris started playing the harp. Rich then began to play back the lines Chris played thus swapping licks. This showed each brother’s tremendous strengths. Chris’ harp solo was the highlight of the evening. I found Chris overall performance electrifying. He has really improved his stage presence and is a joy to watch. He purposely jesters knowing every eye is on him. He keeps the crowd entertained as he holds out his arms and both guitars take the lead. What a breathtaking moment!
Rich holds his own in the world of guitar players. He rips through the solos. I can’t imagine these guys doing anything else, they are the perfect combination of Rock and Roll. Still one of my top bands. I love that they are still writing and touring their first album in 15 years. This tour is a big deal from them. Proving that they are worthy of rising from the ashes and leaving a scar on Rock for the second time.

In conclusion, The black Crowes Happiness Bastard Tour Was a memorable event that showcased the bands talent and ability to connect with their audience. Everyone was dancing at one point, I turned my camera around and everyone cheered and waved. If you have the chance to spend the night with this band, I doubt you will forget it.

1. It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll) (AC/DC intro song)
Bedside Manners
Come On
Dirty Cold Sun
Twice as Hard
Stare It Cold
Cross Your Fingers
Sister Luck
Wanting and Waiting
Hard to Handle
She Talks to Angels
Flesh Wound
No Speak No Slave
Thorn in My Pride “ Harp Solo”
Jealous Again

Carol  (Chuck Berry copy)