Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins Dickies Arena 4 28 2023 Grand Prairie News

When you hear the name KENNY LOGGINS do you think of blockbuster movies or award-winning music? Good answer. Loggins brought his This is It tour to Dickies Arena on April 28th along with his premier musical talent and a flood of good memories for fans that recall their life in the 70s and 80s. Remember the songs “I’m Alright” from the movie Caddy Shack, “Foot Loose” from the Footloose movie, and “Danger Zone” from Top Gun? That’s why KENNY LOGGINS is considered the king of the movie soundtrack songs.

The band eased into their chart-topping hit list of songs with “Keep the Fire” then they performed “Heart to Heart” and LOGGINS commented on his friendship and collaborations with composer Michael McDonald before stoking the crowd with his huge hits “What a Fool Believes” and “When I Call You Friend”. The fans at Dickies were transported back in time with Loggins’s smooth jazzy sound and artistic ability to turn the story into song. All the musicians are seasoned and talented and effortlessly gave their audience quality sound and a seamless presentation.

Halfway through the show, LOGGINS strapped on his acoustic guitar to play “What a Fool Believes” and a crowd favorite “Whenever I Call You Friend”. Even though Kenny has been belting out tunes since 1970 his voice was strong and crystal clear and complimented with a great mix from the soundboard.

The show drew a more mature crowd that responded well to the music and were quick to jump to their feet when they recognized a hit. The concessions at the show were busy as usual however the merchandise booth had light traffic. Maybe fans already owned enough black concert T-shirts.

Next LOGGINS performed his Winnie the Pooh song “Return to Pooh Corner” which was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Musical Album for Children and had album sales of half a million. Kenny then slowed the pace with what he called his adopted Christmas song “Celebrate Me Home”

After a short break, the band came back to close the show with super hits “Angry Eyes”, “Danger Zone” and “Footloose”. Loggins ended the show with a second encore performing “Forever” which was used in the TV soap opera The Young and the Restless”

The opening act Yacht Rock Review brought high energy and a full sound with their covers of popular songs from the same time span as Loggins’ hits. They set the mood for a fun concert with positive energy and great memories of good time rock and roll.

Written by Mark McWhite

Photos  by Russ Rojas