Former Grand Prairie Police K9 Bullet that worked with GPPD for 7 years died on Friday

K9 Bullet - Grand Prairie Police
Photo Credit: Officer Montee

Retired K-9 Officer Bullet, a beloved member of the Grand Prairie Police Department, passed away this past Friday. His partner Grand Prairie Officer Montee released a statement on social media Sunday evening.

“Canine Bullet aka “Walter” was a retired 13-year-old Belgian Malinois who had an amazing career and captured the hearts of everyone he met.

This past Friday evening Bullet was rushed to the vet and needed emergency surgery. During the surgery, it was determined that he had a tumor in his stomach that had torn a hole in his stomach and was allowing air all around his organs. After careful consideration and talking with the Amazing veterinarians we felt it would be best to not wake Bullet up.

Bullet was one of a kind and he will be missed by our family and everyone else that knew him.

The staff at the Arlington Animal Health Care Center were top-notch and did everything in their power to help Bullet. Thank you so much!

To my friends at the Grand Prairie Carrier Animal Hospital, thank you for all the years of your excellence in caring for Bullet when he needed it. He loved coming in to get petted and getting snacks from you ladies.

This is a devastating blow to our family as he was such a big part of it. Thankfully time will heal and we have many pictures and memories to remember him by. 

K9 Bullet Grand Prairie Police
Photo Credit: Officer Montee

K9 Bullet while on duty was credited with retrieving about a million dollars worth of methamphetamines off the streets of Grand Prairie as well as $400,000 worth of cocaine and $250,000 worth of marijuana. Bullet was involved in 163 suspect apprehensions, 133 of which were without bites.

After K9 Bullet’s retirement in December of 2019, he got to live out the rest of his life with his partner Officer Montee and his family. He also had the opportunity to compete against some of the best K9 units in the nation in “America’s Top Dog” on A&E.