Grand Prairie ISD committee met 3 times to consider new mascot for SGP High School

Photo Credit: SGP Facebook page

Grand Prairie ISD formed a committee that met 3 times to consider a new mascot for SGPHS. Based on the notes most members on the committee supported a change. Continue reading or scroll straight to the bottom and click on the links for all of the PDFs provided by Grand Prairie ISD about 121 PDFs in all.

The committee consisted of SGP students, staff, booster club members, former students, community members, and both campus and district leaders. This focus group was set up to consider a request from the American Indian Education Program Coordinator within GPISD  on behalf of the local American Indian community to reconsider the use of an
Indian, to represent a “Warrior” as the mascot for South Grand Prairie High School.

Grand Prairie News learned that there were rumors circulating on social media that this was a topic of consideration so we submitted a public information request on August 4th asking for the following records. We received the documents at 7:39 PM on Thursday 8/19/21.

1.The committee’s name and a list of all of the members’ names on the committee that has been formed by GPISD to discuss issues regarding the South Grand Prairie High School name, logo, and mascot.  

2. Please provide the date of when this committee was formed and who requested the formation of this committee. Please also share the purpose of this committee. 

3. Please provide the dates, times, locations, and minutes (if there are any) for these meetings. Please also provide who attended and who presented at these meetings. 

4. Please also provide any content that was shared either by video, PowerPoint, word document, brochures, etc virtually or in-person with this committee.
5. Please provide any letters, emails that have been sent to Grand Prairie ISD, Linda Ellis, or all school board members that ask the district to consider changing the name of any current Grand Prairie ISD Schools from the years 1/1/2020 through 8/4/2021.

6. Please provide suggestions that this committee has made since the committee was formed. i.e. What did they suggest for names, logos, mascots, etc.

Through our public information request, we learned that this committee was set up for the sole purpose of considering a change of mascot, and renaming the school is not on the table. It would also appear that there wasn’t a letter from any local American Indian community members requesting a name change to the school itself as none have been provided by Grand Prairie ISD’s communications director Sam Buchmeyer.

The school board has stated that this will not come down to a board vote and they have no say in the matter.

Here are all of the records we received as part of our public information request.

SGPHS Focus Group Invite Letter

SGPHS Mascot Focus Meeting Group Documents – Meeting #1 Aprill 22 2021

SGPHS Mascot Focus Meeting Group Documents – Meeting #2 May 6 2021

SGPHS Mascot Focus Meeting Group Documents – Meeting #3 May 18 2021