Grand Prairie News Endorses Mayor Ron Jensen for Re-Election

Grand Prairie Mayor Ron Jensen

We are proud to announce that the Grand Prairie News has endorsed Mayor Ron Jensen for re-election as Mayor of Grand Prairie. At a time of rapid growth and economic uncertainty during the pandemic, Mayor Jensen has proven himself to be an effective leader. His policies have helped to spur economic development while his community engagement has set new standards for municipal governance. Moreover, Mayor Jensen’s responsiveness to local concerns also makes him a crowd favorite–he is known for being accessible both in person and via social media platforms so that he can stay in touch with his constituents no matter where they are or what problems they may face. Ultimately, then, it is clear that Ron Jensen’s vision and dedication make him the best choice for mayor of Grand Prairie. And with his experience at the helm of this dynamic city, there is no limit to what he can achieve in the years ahead.

In addition to public safety, Mayor Ron Jensen has also been a strong advocate for parks and recreation in Grand Prairie. He has worked tirelessly to improve the city’s parks and create new recreational opportunities for residents. Thanks to his efforts, the city now has Playgrand Adventures, several world-class recreation centers in Epic Central, and an extensive system of trails. Mayor Jensen has also been a strong supporter of youth programs, ensuring that children have access to quality recreation and summer activities. His dedication to creating a more livable and vibrant city has made him a respected leader in Grand Prairie. Thanks to Mayor Jensen’s leadership, Grand Prairie is a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Being the mayor of a city is no easy task. It requires dedication, leadership, and passion for the community. Above all, a great mayor must be willing to put the interests of his or her citizens first. This means that he or she will always work tirelessly to promote economic growth, provide high-quality public services, and listen to constituents. Additionally, a great mayor must act with integrity and make decisions based on what he or she believes is best for the people. Whether working with other officials at City Hall or engaging with members of the community in their neighborhoods, a great mayor must be able to lead with vision and conviction. Only through these qualities can a mayor truly earn the respect and support of his or her constituents. Mayor Ron Jensen has done that time and time again.

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Below are early voting polling locations for the upcoming election. Election information may also be found on the Dallas CountyTarrant County, and Ellis County elections websites.

You may vote at any location offered in the county in which you live during early voting and on election day.

Polling Locations in Grand Prairie

Tarrant County
Dallas County

April 25th-30th 8 AM – 5 PM
May 1st – 1 PM – 6 PM
May 2nd-3rd – 7 AM – 7 PM