Luke Combs at AT&T March 25th


Written by Mark McWhite

Photos by Joe Guzman

When the Country Music Artist of the year comes to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tx you can expect an evening of top shelf entertainment. That is just what happened on Saturday, March 25th when LUKE COMBS showcased his talents on the largest country artist tour ever covering three continents and sixteen countries around the world.  The sold-out show filled the venue to the brim, and everyone was ready to see this award-winning country superstar. There were a lot of young fans and Daisey Dukes mixed with all ages packing the concessions and merch lines. QR codes were boldly advertised throughout the stadium to direct fans to COMBS on-line store.

LUKE COMBS appeared on stage and the crowd went wild to his hit song “Lovin on you” followed by many of his number one chart toppers including “Going, Going, Gone” and “Cold as You”. He plugged his new album, Getting’ Old that just released the day before and played “Love you Anyway.”

The show featured four other notable acts that performed before COMBS and then joined him on stage to sing more hits. RILEY GREEN joined Luke to sing “Does to Me”. LAINEY WILSON sang a duet to “Out Runnin Your Memory” and eventually BRENT COBB and FLATLAND CAVALRY joined the other acts to fill the stage. Combs even shared his limelight with a couple in the audience that got engaged. She got a ring, and he got a guitar pick. When Combs introduced his bandmates he gave each one a chance to showcase their talents and boy they had plenty of talent. The band performed an all-acoustic song. Then Combs recalled his early days when the show was just him and his guitar as he played a solo.

Luke Combs 01

The show opened with BRENT COBB who played a 20-minute set followed by the band FLATLAND CAVALRY whose members are all from Texas. Then LAINEY WILSON fired up the crowd rocking gold latex pants and using the big stage to run back and forth exciting the fans at her first stadium show.  Wilson asked the crowd if they liked the series Yellow Stone and thanked Taylor Sheridan for the opportunity to be featured in season five. It was a collective “Oh, that’s where I’ve seen her”. Once everyone realized LANEY WILSON was a Yellow Stone actor as well as a great country singer the energy in the stadium turned up a notch as she performed “Watermelon Moonshine”.

The stage was set for heartthrob RILEY GREEN from northeast Alabama to push the crowd into a beer guzzling frenzy. Green strutted around the stage with a beer singing his hits including  “I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died” and “There was a Girl”. Riley introduced his bandmates in an unusual way by threatening to fire the worst performer and giving them each a turn to play solo. The entire band was very professional and entertaining.

Luke Combs 02

With five top notch bands and good food and drink this was defiantly a night to remember. Breaking records with 14 consecutive number one hits and the largest country tour ever, LUKE COMBS name will always be a staple in the music industry.