Nickelback at Dos Equis

7 26 2023 Nickelback at Dos Equis Dallas Joe Guzman

Written by Mark Mcwhite

Photos by Joe Guzman

Combine record breaking hot temperatures in Dallas with a red-hot, sold-out NICKELBACK rock show, and it’s almost overwhelming. So says Chad Kroeger the lead singer for the band who made several comments about the heat at Dos Equis Pavilion Saturday night. Ross admitted that it was a challenge to power through the heat and humidity. He said “It’s like sticking your head in the oven” as he wiped the sweat away. Hey, that’s what you get when you perform at an outdoor venue in Dallas in July.

7 26 2023 Nickelback at Dos Equis Dallas Joe Guzman

Regardless of the weather Nickelback’s “Get Rollin Tour” performed a superb show with a huge stage presence incorporating massive background screens and plenty of pyrotechnics. After being on tour every year since 1996 (except for 2020 & 2021) their show has really been perfected. Obviously, a hard-working band that is exciting to watch. The packed pavilion crowd was stoked and ready to see some NICKELBACK. They opened the show with lots of bass drums that lead into their song “San Quentin” and right into hits “Saving Me” and “Far Away”. The powerful song “Animals” had some very cool video graphics. The background was live shots of the band enhanced with added video graphics magic. The montage on screen featured live shots mixed with video clips and creative storyline graphics of their “Get Rollin” transforming bus that toured the country.

7 26 2023 Nickelback at Dos Equis Dallas Joe Guzman

More big hits like “Someday”, “Worthy to Say” and “Figure You Out” made the venue even hotter. Fans were on their feet and Rockin. Chad Kroeger introduced his bandmates Daniel Adair, Mike Kroeger, and Ryan Peake and spoke about how much they love to play Dallas. They talked about the good times they’ve had in town. Chad said “I wrote “Far Away” in the parking lot right out back” They mentioned playing the local club TREES and signing a big deal there one time. Kroeger also was excited to tell about meeting Dimebag Darrell in Dallas for the first time. (The drummer Daniel Adair wore a Pantera T-shirt).  Sounds like NICKELBACK has had some good times in the Big D.

7 23 2023 Josh Ross at Dos Equis Dallas Joe Guzman
Josh Ross

The opening act for the night JOSH ROSS joined everyone on stage to perform a Texas favorite “Copperhead Road”, Ross’ set was short but good country music. Next the second act BRANTLEY GILBERT and the band joined everyone on stage to sing “Photograph” which highlighted lots of nostalgic videos and photographs. BRANTLEY GILBERT really put on a great performance as the second act and ramped the crowd up for the headliner. Gilberts’ country tunes are fused with some hard rock and metal that seemed to appeal to the crowd. The venue was 90% full when Gilbert took the stage which indicates that many rock fans were there to see Gilbert as well.

7 23 2023 Brantley GIlbert at Dos Equis Dallas Joe Guzman
Brantley Gilbert

Nickelback invited a fan up on stage to sing Rockstar karaoke style and the crowd joined in. Everyone was having a great time. The sound mix for the show was good and only sounded distorted a couple of times at peak intensity. But after all, it is a rock concert

 7 23 2023 Nickelback at Dos Equis Dallas Joe Guzman

The entire evening was hot but enjoyable. NICKELBACK puts on a professional concert and Chad Kroeger is a great entertainer who pushed through the high temps to give us another great show. After 27 years of touring and 50 million albums sold you would think they would know that it’s going to be hot in Texas in July. “Better Get Rollin”.