Vampire Weekend “Only God Was Above Us” Tour

Vampire Weekend

Written by Mary Browning

The evening got off to a great start at Toyota Music Factory.  The sun was shining, and not a cloud was in the sky as people began arriving to the concert.  People from all walks of life began to show up at the 6:30 pm concert.  Lawn seating came first.  Venue attendees brought blankets, towels and some even brought their kids.

Los Lom took the stage and the VIP area began getting a small crowd right in front of the stage.  As they played, swells of California Salsa music filled the senses.  Many caught their summery vibes and began dancing to the music.

Vampire Weekend "Only God Was Above Us" tour June 7th Joe Guzman n Mary Browning
Zac Sokolow
As the evening wore on more and more people began to fill the venue.  By 8 pm, the entire venue was packed!  There were no seats left on the lawn and the entire venue was completely sold out.  Around 8,000 people attended the show as Vampire Weekend took the stage.  It was 8:35 when they walked onto the stage.  A curiosity as only three pieces of their band were on stage with a large curtain displaying the bands’ name swayed in the background.  Three songs went by and suddenly some strange men appeared in construction hats and vests.  They took the drummer’s drum set off the stage.  The lead singer then began singing a solo piece when suddenly the curtain fell.  People in the crowd burst into screaming and applause as the stage then suddenly lit up with the rest of the alternative band as well as a unique display in the background.
Vampire Weekend "Only God Was Above Us" tour June 7th Joe Guzman n Mary Browning
Without a shadow of a doubt, this band knows how to put on a phenomenal live show.  If you were lucky enough to get tickets to see this show, then you caught a great show.  Now, if you didn’t get a chance to go, then the next time this band comes to town get tickets.  A ten out of ten entertainment show that was perfect for so many people of any age.  Check out the band to catch them live the next time.
Vampire Weekend "Only God Was Above Us" tour June 7th Joe Guzman n Mary Browning
The venue itself is a beautiful venue.  Parking is complimentary if you stay for less than three hours.  It is fully recommended to do either the indoor seating or the VIP experience.  They use cups at the venue that are environmentally friendly.  These orange cups are complementary to use or reuse.  There are also complementary filtered water fountains so if you get hot, you have some cooling liquid at a price that is very friendly to the wallet.   When the sun sets the VIP area is very comfortable.  If you would like to see a different show at Toyota Music Factory, check out this venue online.
Setlist (
Hold You Now (Tour debut, first time since 2019)
Mansard Roof
Ice Cream Piano
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Step (Tour debut)
This Life
M79 (Tour debut)
The Surfer (Live debut) 
Oxford Comma
Gen-X Cops
Diane Young
Married in a Gold Rush / All the Gold in California / Sin City / Cumberland Blues / Possum (“Cocaine Cowboys” mashup; audience member played cornhole) 
Mary Boone
Harmony Hall



Once in a Lifetime (Talking Heads cover) (Partial)
Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes cover) (Partial)
Tonight (Phoenix cover) (Partial)

Pizza Party (L’Homme Run cover) (Partial)

Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon cover) (Partial)

Hold Up (Beyoncé cover) (Partial)

Piano Man (Billy Joel cover) (Partial)
Styx and Foreigner 6/21/2024 DOS EQUIS PAVILLION


Vampire Weekend



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