Atomic Wings in Arlington – Coming in hot!

Atomic Wings

Atomic Wings is a chain that has been taking the northeast by storm in recent years. They’ve been expanding, little by little, and spreading tasty chicken and amazing ambiance wherever they go. They are located at 809 W Park Row Dr, Arlington, TX 76013 and you can order online by clicking here.

They’ve just opened a brand new store in Arlington, TX – home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. If you’re an Arlington native wanting to go to try some great chicken, you’ll find the place directly across the street from Arlington High School. Without further ado, let’s talk about the newest branch of Atomic Wings!

The Chicken
The chain specializes in making some of the best buffalo wings possible. They’re hot, earthy, and really well-balanced. They aren’t overly hot, but they’re also just warm enough that you know there’s a healthy dose of chili in there. We’ve tried both the bone-in and the boneless wings, and we can’t possibly fault the food that we ate. It was succulent and tender, while the outside of the wings was just a little crispy, despite the sauce they were slathered in.

We also had a small portion of the fries along with our food, which was just as great as could be expected. The thing that we were really impressed by, though, was the waffles! Chicken and waffles are a uniquely wonderful combination, and it’s something that we’d be hard-pressed to turn down. It’s definitely a must-have for anyone visiting Atomic wings.

The Vibe
Atomic Wings has a great ambiance. The food is fast and the service is great, which definitely helps in any setting even a little similar to this one. What blows us away, though, is that even in a fast-food-style setting like this, it’s really clear that the staff care about the quality of your food. They want to ensure that your food will be as delicious as possible and that you’ll have it as quickly as possible – that kind of dedication to great food is refreshing and utterly wonderful to see.

Atomic Wings - The Vibe

The spot itself is a little small, and it could be easy to feel crowded in there. The truth of the matter, though, is that since the food is so mind-blowingly good, and you’re almost certainly there with a couple of friends, all of whom love great chicken, you don’t notice the smaller stature of the venue. With cheerful, friendly staff, and some of the best chicken we’ve ever had, it’s become an immediate must-visit. We have never waited longer than 10-12 minutes when we have dined in but wait times may vary based on other factors at that time.

The Verdict
This is a great new spot to get some great chicken! It’s fantastic to have such a wonderful gem in Arlington, and knowing that it’s surely here to stay is a wonderful thing.
If you’re stuck for something to do this weekend, head down to atomic wings and get some amazing chicken! We’d recommend the medium flavored buffalo wings, but we’re certain that you couldn’t go wrong even if you picked with a blindfold on. Atomic Wings does plan to open additional DFW locations in the near future.