Here is how to protest your property taxes in North Texas.

How to protest property Taxes in North Texas

When it comes to paying your property taxes in Texas, the saying goes that you “pay to pave the streets you walk on and to fill the schools your kids attend.” While this may seem obvious, many people don’t realize just how high their property taxes actually are. And as anyone who has been hit with a big tax bill knows, letting those taxes go unpaid can lead to serious consequences. That’s why it is so important to protest your property taxes whenever they seem too high.

By submitting a protest application, you give yourself a chance to make your case directly to the county tax assessor. You can explain why the assessed value of your home seems too high, and you can offer documentation or other evidence to support your claim. And if you disagree with the outcome of your protest, there are still more options available for getting relief from high property taxes. So if you’re living in North Texas, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when it comes time to pay your property taxes – protest today and save tomorrow!

I am a huge fan of the Dallas Morning News Watchdog David Lieber who has some tips on how to make your voice heard when protesting your property taxes. You can read his stuff here. In the meantime. Here are a few things to consider

1) Request a property value review: You may be able to request a review of your property’s value if you think it has been assessed unfairly. The Dallas County Appraisal Review Board (ARB) can help you determine if you are eligible for a review.

2) Appeal your property tax assessment: If you don’t agree with the value assigned to your property, you can appeal the decision. The deadline to file an appeal is May 15th.

3) Consider homestead exemption: Homeowners who qualify for a homestead exemption may be exempt from paying some or all of their property taxes. To find out if you qualify, visit the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website.

There’s no getting around it: property taxes are a necessary evil. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be protested effectively! Here are my top tips for making your voice heard and getting the best possible outcome for your situation:

How to protest: If you think your property appraisal is just too darn high, you can file a protest with your appraisal district.

Collin County: You can fill out this form.
Dallas County: Here’s a how-to.
Denton County: You can file through this portal.
Tarrant County: You file online with TAD. Here’s a how-to.

If you feel that it is too complicated Property Tax IO will in a few quick steps walk you through the process and show you how to do it and tell you if you have a chance at a reduction. Mention Code: C61433 to save $5.

If you have time and would like to learn more about how and why you should protest your property taxes I would advise you to watch this video put together by David Lieber and some property tax experts. Click >>

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