Grand Prairie News is proud to endorse Jacquin Headen for Grand Prairie City Council District 2

Jacquin Headen
Photo Credit: Jacquin Headen

We are proud to endorse Jacquin Headen for Grand Prairie City Council District 2. Jacquin is a long-time resident of Grand Prairie and has been active in the community for many years. She has a deep understanding of the issues facing our city and is committed to making Grand Prairie a better place for all of us.

Jacquin Headen is a co-Pastor, small business owner, community servant, and law school graduate. Jacquin transitioned from the legal profession to her creative passion, and she currently operates an interior design company and art business. Jacquin Headen also teaches negotiation seminars and has spoken on the topic of negotiation at colleges and business conferences, such as the Capital One “Beyond Summit”.

Jacquin Headen
Photo Credit: Jacquin Headen

Jacquin is passionate about education, which is a thread that runs through her negotiation seminars for business professionals to her youth mentorship work. Jacquin teaches a “Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop” that encourages young people to think about being business owners early in life. Jacquin also previously worked as a tutor for middle school-aged students through college students for several years. Jacquin currently serves as a volunteer teaching professional development skills, in which she provides mock interviews with feedback for individuals needing assistance navigating the workforce.

Alongside serving as a co-Pastor, Jacquin also serves as a board member on Grand Prairie’s Library Board. As part of her service, Jacquin will be offering her Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop to the Grand Prairie library community this year. Additionally, Jacquin serves as a board member for Grand Prairie’s Westchester Public Improvement District, which handles various landscaping and beautification issues in Grand Prairie’s Westchester neighborhood (e.g., improving fencing and murals, installing and repairing flower beds, neighborhood signage, etc.).

With an enthusiasm for engaging with people from all walks of life and a passion for problem-solving, Jacquin Headen will devote her attention to representing the voices of the community. Jacquin is a certified mediator and has the skills to empower the members of the community through open communication, strategy, and collaboration.

Jacquin is a strong leader who will fight for what’s right for Grand Prairie. She has the experience and knowledge to make informed decisions on behalf of our city. We believe she will be an excellent addition to the Grand Prairie City Council and we urge you to vote for her on May 7th. Thank you!

Below is a list of voting locations and times.

Betty Warmack Library – 760 Bardin Rd.
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church – 4729 S. Carrier Pkwy.
Fiscal Admin. Building – 326 W. Main St.

April 25 – 30 | 8am-5pm
May 1 | 12pm-6pm
May 2 – May 3 | 7am-7pm
May 7 | 7am -7pm

To learn more about Jacquin Headen you can visit her website at